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Dr. Kyle Dunning

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Dr. Kyle Matthew Dunning was born in Hackensack, New Jersey. He grew up in the small town of Fair Lawn, where he and his brothers lived in the same house all throughout their childhood. Passionate about music, Dr. Kyle played the drums for ten years until he broke his arm during his senior year. It was a trip to the hospital for his broken arm that began to open Dr. Kyle up to the medical field.

He went on to study at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison, New Jersey, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biology, minoring in Psychology. While studying at Fairleigh, Dr. Kyle injured his back training with the Team NJ Olympic weightlifting team. He began to see a chiropractor that trained with the Team NJ Olympic team and after befriending the doctor and becoming a patient of his, he knew that chiropractic was the only choice for his future.

“He had a little gym in his office, he spent time with me, he explained to me what was going on…I really felt like I trusted him…not only was he treating me great but I was getting great information and I was getting better.”

Following in the footsteps of the chiropractor who inspired him, Dr. Kyle went on to New York Chiropractic College in 2013, receiving his Doctor of Chiropractic degree, as well as obtaining his Master of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition.

Throughout the program, he advanced his knowledge of nutritional assessment tools, sports nutrition, drug-induced nutrient depletion and nutritional support for various diseases and disorders. Excelling in his coursework, Dr. Kyle was inducted into the Phi Chi Omega Honor Society. He participated in multiple hands-on clubs and events throughout his time at NYCC and also trained and received experience at various multidisciplinary settings, including the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Bath, New York, which he will continue to be thankful for because of the diverse experience that the opportunity granted him.

Dr. Kyle likes to utilize many techniques; Diversified, Myofascial Release, and trigger point therapy, just to name a few. Dr. Dunning breaks chiropractic down into two parts: the musculoskeletal system, which is the proper movement of muscle and joints and correcting faulty movements that come from repetitive activities: work, hobbies, sleep habits, things done on a daily basis that lead to muscles getting overworked or under worked. The second part is the nervous system and working to correct nerve signal interferences.

He also stresses the importance of nutrition in combination with chiropractic care. “Every cell in our body…in order for a cell to function properly, it has certain things that it needs. Like your car that requires gasoline…what happens if you were to put something other than gasoline in your car? It’s not going to run. What people don’t realize is that, what you put into your body will directly affect how these cells are going to act now and how they are going to respond and change in the future…and that directly affects how you’re going to feel and how your organs and tissues are going to function and your overall health.”

Before joining Keith Clinic, Dr. Kyle spent some time in Raleigh, North Carolina at a chiropractic office. There, he learned invaluable lessons that he has since been able to incorporate into his philosophy of chiropractic. He loves living in Charlotte because, “There’s a lot to do, there’s a lot to see and there’s a lot to eat. But, you can also get away and have some seclusion.”

Dr. Kyle advocates engaging in a healthy, vigorous workout regimen, as it is mentally and physically beneficial. Dr. Kyle enjoys weightlifting and loves being outdoors and staying active by hiking and skiing. On his free days, he likes to unwind by playing video games and watching movies. He also enjoys visiting with family and friends any chance he gets.

Dr. Kyle’s desire is to leave a legacy with his undying passion for helping others. He seeks only to improve his patients’ overall health and wellness and he hopes for more opportunities to teach about nutrition and the body.

Whether it’s getting patients out of pain or simply optimizing one’s lifestyle, Dr. Kyle takes an individualized approach to each patient and solely seeks to create happier, healthier lives. “I got into this profession because of the ways that I was helped by chiropractic…I only have one reason to do what I do: and that’s to get people better.”

Interesting Facts

Favorite Food: Steak
Favorite Restaurant in Charlotte: Blue Restaurant & Bar
Fun Fact: Has a pet cat named Olive!